“Sports are not merely the exercise of muscles,
but the school of moral values and of training in courage, in perseverance, and in overcoming laziness and carelessness.
There is no doubt that these values are of the greatest interest for the formation of a personality
which considers sports not an end in itself
but as a means to total and harmonious physical, moral and social development.”

(The late Saint John Paul II’s words on Nov. 24, 1984, to Olympians who had participated in the Los Angeles Games)

St. Stan’s CYO is now a joint CYO Program called Mater Dei CYO
This Mater Dei CYO Program is chartered by and participates in Region 20 of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s CYO Program.  This is a joint CYO Program that consists of St. Stanislaus, St. Maria Goretti, and  St. Rose of Lima CYO parishes and is open to all parish youth registered at their respective parish (in order to participate in CYO the student must attend a catholic school or their parish’s PREP program).  This organization acts as a joint CYO Program of the three parishes, whose goal is to foster faith-based activities for the youth of the member parishes through the five facets of CYO: Spiritual, Service, Cultural, Social, and Athletic Activities.  The ultimate goal is to enrich the youth of the member parishes, promote the continuing formation of their faith, and support their faith journey by employing these five tenets.

Mater Dei CYO Fall Sports K-8th Grades
Registration for CYO fall sports is now open.
For more information and the registration links, visit, or see our flyer here.